natural light through window

There are physical, psychological and economic benefits to increasing the amount of natural light that enters your home.

It’s a big deal. Especially as more and more owners and buyers look for more ways to get more sun into their homes.

What are the benefits of natural sunlight?

Increased physical health

An undeniable fact is that natural sunlight positively affects the body.

The daylight maintains your body’s natural sleep cycle, controls your hormones that govern your bodily functions, lowers high blood pressure, improves brain function, and provides vitamin D which is important for your immune system.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Check out the netdoctor’s article on the dangers of too much artificial light on our health.

Basically, you need to get your daily dose of the sunshine vitamin.

Natural sunlight is economical

Increasing the amount of natural sunlight into your home means you can save your hard earned pennies.

With more sunlight pouring in to your home you’ll see a clear reduction of expenses as you need less artificial energy. You may previously have thought that installing bi-folds or sliding doors will mean more costs on energy bills to keep your house warm.

This is not the case! Aluminium bi-folding doors are actually proven to be highly energy efficient.

The psychological benefits

Everything feels better on a sunny day. The benefits the sunlight has on your productivity and attitude can be even more than the physical benefits. People are proven to be most productive when there is good level of sunlight.

Particularly when the winter months roll and the evenings become darker; it’s so important to utilise every second of daylight.

It’s been proven that the natural light also does wonders for our energy levels. It’s meant to keep your energy levels more stable throughout the day – so you can avoid the dreaded ‘crash’ later on.

Increase the amount of natural light in your home to maintain a positive attitude and make the most of your days.

How can I increase natural light in my home?

There is a way to increase the natural light which enters yours home – hooray!

You can experience the benefits of the sunshine throughout the months of the year by installing bi-fold doors or patio sliding doors. Whether your home is North, East, South or West facing, the light in your home can be increased.

By only having regular doors and windows you may be blocking the opportunity for more natural light. Bi-fold doors solve this issue with their carefully thought out design. The slim frame profile of the doors mean that the window surface area is a lot larger. The Aluminium frames also let in the most amount of sunlight.

Bi-folding doors can be perfect for rooms that don’t get much light, rooms which you’d like to enjoy more time in.

Does the direction my house faces matter?

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west in the UK. So, depending which way your house faces, there will be a difference in the amount of natural light which enters.

North-facing homes are lucky and tend to receive the most natural light during the day. On the other hand, owners of southern-facing homes will need to do everything they can to try and increase the amount of sunlight they receive.

Therefore, it’s important to consider where you will install bi-folding doors to maximise the amount of sunlight your house gets.

Find out how much natural light you could potentially get into your house with our guide to measuring the opening for your bi-folding door.

Increase the amount of natural light in your home for a happier and healthier household.