Bifolds vs sliding doors

Choosing which style of door you want for your home is a big decision. Bi-folding doors and patio sliding doors are both the perfect addition. Unless you have a strong opinion on which you prefer, it may be a tricky choice out of the two.

The benefits of both styles will be felt from summer through to winter- such as the increased light, space and are thermally efficient – so either will be an investment.

So, here’s how to make the right decision:

Which will be most practical?

How much space do you have to spare in your home?

The space you have available may mean that the decision comes down to overall practicality. The doors need to logistically work in the room of choice.

If you don’t have a lot of space to manoeuvre the folding nature of bi-folds, then sliding doors are a great solution. They will offer more control, as they open more easily.

The seamless design and thin glass makes them look sleek and effortless. One door could slide behind the other door, or you could have two doors that open in the centre, sliding out over other fixed – they provide so many possibilities!

Bi-folds can maximise a small space once installed, as can completely open inwards or outwards, giving a connection to the exterior space. They can create an aperture space of 90% when opened. You could also have the added bonus of a traffic door if you go for an odd number of door leaves.

Your existing garden space

Is your home a suburban property, semi-detached or terraced?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to all three, you may not have a lot of garden space behind your home. If you have a small garden and want to make the most of it, then bi-folds may be the one for you. They create the illusion of bringing the indoors, outdoors so you can make the most of your limited garden space.

Your home may have a large outdoor space and impressive views (lucky), then sliding doors may be the more desirable option. When the doors are closed, you will receive a complete and clear view of the outside.

Something to consider, if you want both sliding doors and the ability to open them to extent of bi-folds is to plan for a wall cavity to slide panels away into. This will create a wide opening and no space will be lost!

Your preferred style

Which style will mean you can make the most of your outdoor space?

You may make your choice purely on which you think looks best.

Patio sliding doors will provide you with large glazed areas, creating impressive sliding walls of glass. The slim aluminium frames are contemporary and minimalist, giving your home a modern feel.

Bi-fold doors give you a choice of materials which you could use for the frame. You may choose a more traditional material such as timber, depending on your house.

How do you picture your home looking?

The difference in cost

Cost may not even need to be factored in to your decision. But if it is, it’s worth knowing roughly which one you would need to budget more for.

The difference in price between the two bi-folding and sliding doors isn’t very significant. However, sliding doors are generally more expensive than bi-folds. Prices may depend on the frame you want for your bi-folds, or the quantity of glass panels needed for your sliding doors.

Download our price list to have a look for yourself! Whether you choose the effortless sliding doors or the stylish bi-folds, you are going to add value to your home.


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