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Frequently asked question

Unsure about something? Here we answer some of the most common questions.

Do you provide a fitting service, or do you only supply bi-folding doors?

Our experienced team will help you from the beginning – from surveying, to choosing the right bi-folding doors through to the installation. Have a piece of mind knowing you’re using the right people for the job.

What’s different about you and the services you offer?

We work with multiple suppliers and brands. This allows us to offer a wider range of bi-folding doors, so we can work with any budget and offer any style.

I’d like a flush threshold, can you do it?

Yes. Our team will work with you and your builders to get the right floor level, ready for the bi-folding doors.

What are the different bi-folding door configurations?

Bi-folding doors allow for a lot flexibility so there are quite a few different conjugations and combinations that we can build for you. You can choose to open inwards or outwards, all panels can fold to the left or the right. Door panels can also be split to fold both left and right, and you’re not resorted to splitting them in the middle. You can choose to have a traffic door, lower threshold, and different finishes.

How secure bi-folding doors really are?

We understand the concerns of having a safe and secure home. Bi-folding doors are indeed very secure. All doors come with multi-point locking features, as well as latches and dead bolts. Each folding panel can be locked and secured individually using heavy duty locking bolt at the top and bottom. A key locking handle is fitted to each to make this work.

Read our security guide.

What’s the minimum and maximum size bi-folding doors can you make?

The bi-folding setting is quite flexible, and they can go as wide as 9.4m – an opening which can hold 8 doors.  Some configurations can be as tall as 3m. We offer a very flexible range of configurations and we can suit any size or style.

Why should I choose Welsh Bifolds over any other company offering similar products?

We’re a local company, and as a team, we always prefer to speak to you directly. Whether that’s over the phone, or in person in one of our showrooms, we’ll be able to answer of all your questions.

You’ll be in safe hands, from the start when we survey your home, until the end when our expert team will work with your builders to fit the bi-folding doors without any hassle. Our team is very experienced, which means you can get your bi-folds installed, in some cases, in just seven days!

Are bi-folding doors easy to open and close?

Yes, our doors are designed to open and close very smoothly and effortlessly. Each bi-folding doors has a built-in rail roller track which glides and can be handled with ease.

Do bi-folding doors let in the cold in winter?

No, our doors are tested to BS6375-1:2009 (performance of windows and doors) standard, and they exceed the minimum requirements set out for extreme weather. They also meet the British Standard requirements for construction, security, safety, and weather-tightness.

This means our robust doors are energy efficient, without draughts or leaks. This also applies to the summer period, when you want to keep the heat away.

Do bi-fold doors allow easy access to wheelchairs users or people using prams?

Yes, you can opt for a low-treshhold configuration with a ramp which allows for easy disabled and pushchair access.

What opening options can I select?

Bi-folding doors are designed with completed flexibility. They can all fold and open in the same way, or you can split them so some fold to the left, and the other – to the right. They can be engineered to open both inwards and outwards, and it’s up to you to choose what suits you and your home best.

Most people preferred inward opening doors, so they don’t get wet when raining which then drips inside the house. On the other hand, doors opening outwards allow for a bit more space inside the house.

What is a “traffic” door?

A traffic door is a nice addition to your bi-folding set up. This is a single door installed within the bi-folds which can be opened on its own without releasing all other doors. This make nipping in and out of the garden very easy and quick.

Do I have to slide all the panels open to use the traffic door?

No, because the reason of the traffic door is to allow to enter and exit your home without sliding open the whole installation.

Should I wait for the opening to be built or should I order off plan?           

Our team can do the measuring at the survey stage. But if your home or extension, are still being built, you can order off-plan.

We recommend you order beforehand, off plan, so you don’t have to wait until the opening has been built. For your own peace of mind, the doors will be delivered and installed at the right time without any delays.

See our measuring guide.

Do you offer matching windows and doors?

Yes, we also offer roof lantern and front doors

Do your bi-folding doors meet British Standards?

Yes, all bi-folding doors we offer have been tested, and have passed industry standard severe weather ratings. Our Bi-folding doors have been tested and passed test according to classification BS6375 Part 1. This includes extreme wind and water pressure tests.

How do I pay and what are the payment terms?

We take a deposit and the final balance is paid when everything is finished.

Can I just order the doors and installed them myself?

Yes, as each system comes with clear instructions and a competent tradesman can potentially do it. But we always strongly recommend letting our experts fit them for you, as they do require due care and attention when installing. That way you know the bi-folding doors will be installed properly, without any complications or damage done to them.

What guarantee do you offer with your doors?

Our Origin doors come with an industry-leading 20 years guarantee. All other brands come with a standard 10-year guarantee.

How do we order our bi-fold doors and what is the process?

After you’ve spoken to our team and we’ve received more details about your requirements, we’ll send you an estimated cost and turnaround time.

Next, you can arrange a site survey or order off plan. Then you pay a deposit and we get to work. The remaining balance is due when the work has been completed.

Do you have a showroom I can visit?

Yes! We’re based in the middle of Cardiff at Solar Sunshades, Gripoly Mills Retail Precinct, Sloper Road, Cardiff, CF11 8AA

Are all of your bi-folds bespoke and made-to-order?

Yes, every home is different so are our bi-folding doors. We don’t offer standard sizes and everything is preferably tailored to your specific needs.

Are you able to visit my property to discuss my requirements?

Yes, we’re happy to visit your home. We recommend discussing as much detail as possible over telephone or by email firstly, this way when our team comes to the site they’ll be able to answer all your questions.

Are bi-folding doors difficult to maintain?

No. They are very low maintenance and if they are taken care of periodically, they can last a very long time. All that’s needed is a regular washing to keep the bottom track clear of any debris, and a dash of oil to lubricate the bottom rollers and moving parts.

How long do bi-folding doors take to install?          

When the bi-folding doors are ready for installation, we’ll get in touch to arrange a suitable time for the installation to take place. Usually, all our installations can be done in a day. However, this also depends on the complexity and size of doors. Our team always aims for minimal disruption to you and your home.

Can I choose my finishings or are they all standard?

There are different types and colours you can choose from. You can also choose different colours for the doors and a variety of handles.

Are bi-folding doors energy efficient?

All windows have secure glazing and argon-filled toughened glass units with U-values of as low as 1.3W/(m2K) which is much lower than the Government limit – 1.8W/(m2K). This improves insulation and reduces heat loss in the winter, and keep heat out in the summer.

At what stage of my house build should I order my doors?

It’s best to order them before the opening is built, so we can get the bi-folding doors ready on time for when it’s ready. Everything is made to measure and nothing comes off the shelf.

So, order in advance to make sure everything is ready at the same time. You can also order after the opening has been completed, but that would slow down the whole project.

If I order today, how long will they take to arrive?

It usually takes 3 – 4 weeks after we’ve discussed your requirements and the design has been signed off. Please allow extra time during busy periods. Standard colours don’t affect turnaround time, but if you’re choosing one from the RAL colour range, lead time will go up to 6 weeks.

Can I have any colour?

We use a colour system called RAL – it’s the same one used for cars. There are over 100 different RAL colours to choose from. However, the 10 standard colours, such as white, black, grey, cream, are cheaper and lead times are a lot faster.