House with a patio and bi-folding doors

Security is a major consideration for every homeowner when it comes to installing new windows or doors. And when it comes to bi-folding doors, it’s no different.

When most bi-folding doors are installed to the rear of a home, you want to make sure the multi-panel doors can keep your family safe should an ill-intended individual try to break in.

If you’re looking to replace old sliding doors, or you’ve nearly finished building an extension but security is a concern, keep on reading – we explain why bi-folding doors are securer than you thought.

1. Bi-folding doors have high-security multi-point locking system

Old systems from 10 years ago had the reputation of having weak points in the folding panels, specifically in the door cylinders and keys. But that hasn’t been the case for a few years, with many manufacturers focusing on improving the security of their panels.

For your own peace of mind, our bi-folding doors have robust secure locking systems that meet the police-recommended ‘Secure by design’ British standards (BS EN 1303:2005, TS007 and BSI certificated). This means the cylinders can’t be snapped, drilled into, or bumped to open the doors.

Each door has a locking bolt at the top and bottom securing each panel individually.

2. Robust frames assembled with heavy-duty hinges

The frames and the hinges of our bi-folding doors are designed to withstand attack from even the most determined burglar. We offer aluminium frames which come with better performance, flexibility, durability and security compared to PVC and timber.

This means the frames are strong, but can also be made smaller. So, the windows fitted in them can be bigger, which leads to more light accessing your home.

Strong frames, without strong hinges are nothing. So, we’ve made sure we only use premium quality hinges which can prevent an intruder from prising the bi-folding doors apart. That sometimes comes at a price, so make sure you get the best for your money.

Hinges can be of concern since they are exposed outside the doors, but we’ve invested a lot in ours to make them strong enough to withstand break in attempts and reduce the risk of levering off the doors from them.

3. Only reinforced high-security glass

The glazing of the bi-folding doors is probably the biggest concern because you’re essentially replacing a brick wall of your house with glass.

There are several option to choose from, but as standard, all our bi-folding doors have reinforced safety glass designed to resist impact. The triple glazed and laminated glass option offers even superior security as the glass doesn’t shatter and holds together.

A good bi-folding set up is also energy efficient with a minimal heat loss during the colder months of the year.

When you have a strong frame, with premium hinges, eight-point locking system and toughened safety glass, you get bi-folding doors that can easily give you a peace of mind.

4. Fitting an alarm for extra security

Alarm sensors can be fitted to any bi-folding door, just like to a traditional door. They are usually quite subtle so, they won’t be obvious to intruders and won’t damage the aesthetic of your home.

Thanks to advancement in technology, you can install remote door alarm which notifies your phone when it’s activated.

And if you need a little extra, you can fit blinds so that your belongings are not on view.

5. Completely family-proof bi-folding doors

An optional feature family might like is the safe cushioning between between each panel, which make joints finger-safe, as there are no open edges or gaps.

Doors also snap together using strong magnets, so they don’t slam in the wind.

All this means you can enjoy your bi-folding doors knowing your family are secure and safe – meaning you can relax and enjoy bringing the outdoors, indoors.

To see all of the above in action, visit our showroom or book a design consultation.