Person washing bifolding doors

Whilst installing bi-fold doors can add a unique look to your home, many people aren’t sure of how to keep them clean and how to prolong their longevity.

Of course, it’s easy to see grubby fingerprints on the window but what about the frame itself and even the lock?

Read our all-inclusive guide answering the most common questions and providing you with superb cleaning tips.

How often should I clean them?

First and foremost, allowing debris to build up on the tracks can be damaging because the doors won’t have the same mobility as before. Therefore, you should check them regularly; especially in the summer months where they’ll be open far more often.

As long as you keep an eye on the tracks and clean them every so often, they should continue working just fine. In extreme circumstances, like if you’re located close to the sea, we recommend using fresh water to clean around once a week to remove all salt.

How should I clean the tracks?

To start, we recommend using a vacuum to remove all excess debris from the tracks. By using the nozzle, you should be able to get deep into the tracks and pull all dirt, dust, and other debris from within.

In terms of maintenance, many experts advise using lubricant where the guide disks and wheels connect as this allows the door to move freely and smoothly.

How about cleaning the glass?

If you were to type this question into a search engine, you would quickly reach fifty different “wives’ tales” from fifty different people. However, we believe the best solution is found in the tools rather than the product.

With kitchen towels, you’ll quickly see streaks so why not invest in a squeegee or microfiber cloth? This being said, we’ve seen a significant number of people claim the brilliance of scrunched up paper.

When researching this topic, you’re likely to find vinegar water as well as soapy water but there are some problems with these. Whilst the former can be effective, it will leave a vinegary smell around the door; for the latter, streaks are common and lead to frustration.

Regardless of your chosen method, remember to remove all hand jewelry and ensure the water doesn’t run into the frame too much.

Cleaning the frames

In truth, the frames of your bi-folding doors don’t need too much attention. As long as you give them a wipe with warm water (and a little detergent), they should stay looking good for a long time. Sometimes, people are tempted to use heavy-duty products but this isn’t necessary and you can actually end up causing damage to the frame as well as the finish.

If you see a stain that won’t budge, first contact your supplier for the best advice. This being said, many report ink rubbers as being a fine solution; within seconds, you’ll see whether or not it’s working, so don’t keep scrubbing if nothing happens.

Maintaining the locks

Once you’ve sorted the tracks, glass, and frames, you’re left with the one thing forgotten by most – the locks. For us, we believe lubricating oil to be the best solution as it will keep the whole mechanism smooth and free from debris.

After applying a small amount of oil to the lock and key, insert the key a number of times to make sure the oil reaches all the key areas.

There we have it, everything you need to keep your bi-folding door clean and healthy both now and long into future. By following this advice, not only will your doors look good but you’ll be extending their life too!