Do you want to give your home a bit of life again?

While there is nothing wrong with styling one’s house in the traditional way, some of us like to feel like we’re on trend with the latest interiors and exteriors.

Here’s some of the best tips and tricks to transforming your house into a contemporary and stylish home.

1. Design an outdoor comfort area

Home garden pad

Be more creative than putting a few chairs, a table and a BBQ outside. It’s becoming fashionable to take the lounge al fresco. Create a space to chill which you can invite all your friends around to enjoy. Invest in some quality furniture with comfortable cushions, a garden fire pit and some lanterns. With the unpredictable weather in the UK, consider getting a cover for the rainier days.

Take it to the next level and you could even invest in a hot tub to make your garden the ultimate place to be.

Warning: you may not be able to get rid of your friends!

2. Seamless patio sliding doors

Modern home and garden

Glass sliding doors have a slim, effortless and cutting-edge design which can turn your house into a stylish home.

Modern houses generally integrate spaces to ultimately make rooms appear larger and more open. By investing in sliding doors you can create the illusion that the outside is combined with the inside of your home – with only a slim glass door in-between. They allow your home to feel more spacious and provide a contemporary open-plan feel.

The large panels of glass and slim aluminium frame mean that more natural light can enter. This increases the value of both your home and your life. Most contemporary houses boast an abundance of natural light. The rooms will instantly feel livelier.

If you like the modern feel of glass in your home then you could also consider putting in sky windows and allow even more natural light to pour in.

3. Home automation

Smart home automation

Smart lighting is one of the smoothest modern technologies that you could implement into your home. With this home automation, indoor and outdoor lights can be set to work under certain conditions. For example, they could identify whether someone’s in a room and the level of light that they need. Architects and designers are implementing these types of lights regularly into homes. The control of lights by automation is on trend and popular at the minute.

A Nest thermostat is another way to save energy. It can learn the times of the day that you turn the heat up and down, remember them and then automatically do it for you. It even knows when you’re away. If it can tell your phone’s left the house, if at work for example, Nest will set itself to eco temperature to save energy.

It’s possible to control automation from your smart device. There are many benefits to having the system in your home, including saving money on energy bills, making your life a little simpler and finally – making your home more modern.

4. Get a wireless multi-room sound system

Wireless home sound system

Imagine if it was possible to have your favourite songs blasting in every room of the house. Well, this is possible by installing a wireless multi-room sound system like [insert brand name, good to have a specific example] in your home.

The system provides both style and a modern simplicity. It’s not enough to just have a single sound system in one room in your house anymore. Anyone can connect their device to the speakers (which is both a good and bad thing), channeling their music taste.

Whether you’re relaxing in the bath or entertaining guests, it’s something to invest in to keep up with the times.

5. Give the room a make-over

Modern living room

It may be simple, but certainly a surface make-over will be an effective way to modernise your home. Take a look for ideas on Pinterest to find some inspiration for your new modern home.

Sometimes giving your home a more modern feel could come down to a simple solution, such as giving the walls a lick of white paint and investing in some cool and quirky artwork on the walls.

Choose understated furniture to put in the room. A hot trend at the minute is an open-air bookcase and draped lights. You can be as inventive as you like.

Install sliding doors in your home for a more modern feel. Regardless of whether you prefer a more traditional home or a contemporary one – they will fit right in.

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